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Covering 135 countries and over 150 sales groups, the LMC Automotive team examines global automotive industry dynamics from every angle – macroeconomic trends, sales and demand dynamics, regulatory impacts, manufacturing strategies and technological change.

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A follow-up to our 2019 Automotive Outlook looking at popular products, leading automakers, and powertrain trends with a microeconomic slant.


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Public Data

We offer timely reporting of the latest data sets and estimates for several automotive markets around the world.

Compass is LMC’s new delivery and interactive analytics tool

Compass allows users to download our services and to view the data and forecasts in a new array of exciting ways and to bookmark any personal selections – each time the data is updated, personal selections are updated at the same time.


years of experience

We have been forecasting the automotive industry since the 1980s. Hear more about LMC Automotive

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With global presence around the world there will always be someone available to answer your questions

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global coverage

We forecast globally, regionally and at country level. Find out more about what we offer

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Our Services

Our services provide the insight and tools required to help you better understand the opportunities and challenges facing the industry.

We offer forecasts and market intelligence and analysis into automotive sales, production, powertrain and electrification.

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How we can help you

Whether you are a supplier to the automotive industry, an OEM or other industry participant, LMC’s automotive forecasts can help you with your short-term (operational) monitoring, midterm (tactical) planning and long-term (strategic) initiatives.



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