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Covering 135 countries and over 150 sales groups, the LMC Automotive team examines global automotive industry dynamics from every angle – macroeconomic trends, sales and demand dynamics, regulatory impacts, manufacturing strategies and technological change.

Blog: Is Europe’s BEV market losing momentum?

100,000 pure-electric Passenger Cars were sold in the region in the first one-sixth of 2021, which is 9% of the volume we think will be needed to meet this year’s CO2 target, assuming other low-emission technology types, such as PHEV, sell as expected. The situation in 2020 after the first two months was that 11% of the year’s total had been sold.


Webinar: North American Industry Update 2021 - 15th April 2021, Join our North America team as they provide a comprehensive insight into the latest data.

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We offer timely reporting of the latest data sets and estimates for several automotive markets around the world. Access our Public Data page to find out more about LMC's unique Global SAAR in addition to monthly updates on China's automotive market.


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