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For 30 years LMC Automotive has been offering independent and 100% automotive focused intelligence, insight and analysis into how market dynamics, economic, regulatory and technological change impact vehicle sales and production

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The automotive sector faces the interconnected challenges of rapid technology evolution, increased competitive pressure, market risk and macro-economic and regulatory change.

Understanding the key variables changing the market is more important than ever.

At LMC Automotive, our focus is entirely on the automotive sector, with an unbiased and comprehensive set of services to inform and empower decision makers across the industry.

We always respond quickly and thoroughly to your requests, with specific personal contact, not a generic helpline. Our clients benefit from experience-driven services, delivering comprehensive or tailored levels of coverage and detail, supported by leading automotive experts using robust methodologies in a cost-effective offering.

Why should you choose LMC as your forecasting provider?

We tailor our services to meet your requirements, with our clients ranging from some of the largest companies in the world to local enterprises.

We work in partnership with the world’s top OEMs, suppliers to the automotive industry, financial institutions, other industry stakeholders, government bodies and trade associations, and offer a unique and impartial perspective on the future to aid tactical and strategic planning.

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Global production, sales, powertrain and electrification forecasts

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