We offer a range of services providing in-depth industry analysis, with a specific focus on trade, scenarios and inventories. All of these services are available on Compass, our new delivery and interactive analytics tool, and can be customised to meet your needs.

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Global Automotive Scenario Service

A key source of information, keeping you informed of potential risks in a constantly changing global economy

In partnership with Oxford Economics, the Global Automotive Scenario Service assesses the impact of potential shocks to the global macroeconomic landscape and the resulting effects on Light Vehicle sales and production.

Automotive Scenario Service

European Trade and Inventory Service

A thorough examination of short-term trade and Light Vehicle inventory trends for European Light Vehicles

The European Trade and Inventory Service monitors Light Vehicle sales and trade and quantifies emerging imbalances in the form of imputed inventory changes and Days Supply. Such an understanding is vital for any component supplier or manufacturer needing to understand short-term trends within the market.

European Trade and Inventory Service

European Light Vehicle Trade Flow Forecast

Information detailing Light Vehicle flows to, from and within Europe

The European Light Vehicle Trade Flow Service monitors Light Vehicle sales and flows within, into and out of Europe. For each individual European plant, we detail the country of final destination and the plant of origin for European imports.

As sourcing patterns shift and new challenges emerge, this service provides detailed statistical data essential to plan and react to changing events.

European LV Trade Flow Forecast



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