An essential source of combustion engine, transmission and electrification forecasts for the global Light Vehicle market.

The Global Powertrain Forecast looks at all the engine, transmission, hybrid/electric drivetrains fitted to each Light Vehicle.

Our current year + 7 year forecasts provide monthly insights for short-term (operational) monitoring, midterm (tactical) planning and long-term (strategic) initiatives.

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Global powertrain data can be found for over 3,700 engines and 1,000 transmissions.

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Design Lead

12,041,851 of all engines produced in 2021 will have been designed by Volkswagen



The largest producing engine manufacturer in 2025 with 10,136,042 units



Producing the largest number of transmissions with 4,476,721 units in 2019


Visualise, customise and analyse our Global Powertrain Forecast on Compass, our new delivery and interactive analytics tool.

Global Powertrain ForecastSee the different fuel type, engine displacement and transmission trends in a variety of graphical forms, either on a global scale or drill down to certain engine and transmission plants, or event specific models.

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