Global Automotive Production Forecast

LMC’s Global Automotive Production Forecast is the best available source of global forecasts and strategic information on Light Vehicle production.

The Global Automotive Production Forecast is a vital tool for any component supplier, OEM or industry participant looking to gain an unbiased and unrivalled perspective on the Light Vehicle production industry.

Published monthly, our forecasts provide insights for short-term (operational) monitoring, midterm (tactical) planning and long-term (strategic) initiatives. Looking at the current year +7, you will find detailed global information on a platform and plant level with SOP/EOP for existing and future programmes.


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Global automotive production data can be found for over 3,000 models, 800 plants and 900 platforms.

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In 2026 113,083,670 million vehicles will be produced


Honda Civic 2SV

The highest produced model with 835,943 units



The highest producing plant in 2020, with 116% capacity utilisation


Visualise, customise and analyse our Global Automotive Production Forecast on Compass, our new delivery and interactive analytics tool.


Use the range of visualisations to customise the data to show the information you need. Have a global overview of the market, or drill down to your specific requirements, whether that be Sales Group, Plant or even Platform.

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Database File Format Available

The Global Automotive Production Forecast is also available to download in a database format to make it easier to use in clients own database systems. This allows easier access to, and use of, our forecasts.

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Global Light Vehicle Forecast

If you are interested in production data from a broader perspective then the Global Light Vehicle Forecast service is the ideal solution.

Updated on a quarterly basis, this service provides the outlook for Light Vehicle production by region, country, sales group, segment, brand and model, as well as sales by region, country, sales group, segment and brand.

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