LMC Forecasting Services

Our forecasting services offer the specialist insight needed to prepare for tomorrow’s market today with production, sales, powertrain and electrification forecasts

Whether you are a supplier to the automotive industry, an OEM or another industry participant, LMC provides the service you need. We cover Light Vehicle sales, production, powertrain and electrification forecasts, as well as forecasts for Medium and Heavy Trucks and Buses.


The best available source of global forecasts and strategic information on Light Vehicle production


The most comprehensive source of strategic information for global, regional and national Light Vehicle markets

Powertrain & Electrification

An essential source of ICE, transmission and electrification forecasts for the global Light Vehicle market

Commercial vehicles

Unmatched worldwide coverage of sales and production data for the Commercial Vehicle sector

Market Updates

Focussing on key developments in dynamic high-opportunity countries

Market Forecasts

Pinpointing key sources of growth in fast growing economies

Industry Analysis

A range of services providing in-depth industry analysis, with a focus on trade, scenarios and inventories

China Specific

A range of services dedicated to the world's largest market