We partner with other expert industry leading companies that share a common value, strategy and complement our capabilities. This allows us to remain flexible and to provide the most reliable, timely, responsive and unbiased forecasts.

Oxford Economics is one of the world’s leaders in the field of macro-economic forecasting and provides many of the underlying global macroeconomic forecasts which underpin the LMC Automotive’s vehicle forecasts.


Wards Intelligence is a world-leading provider of automotive insights and analysis, having served the industry’s information needs for more than 90 years.


ACT Research, the recognised leader in the provision of data and forecasts for the commercial vehicle industry in North America, co-publishes with LMC Automotive the Global Commercial Vehicle Forecast.


CARCON Automotive is the leading provider of market intelligence on the auto industry in South America and provides essential historic information and insight for the Global Commercial Vehicle Forecast.


JATO Dynamics provides LMC Automotive with the world’s most timely, accurate and up-to-date information on vehicle specifications and pricing, sales and registrations, news and incentives.


J.D. Power is a global market information firm, whose independent and unbiased benchmark studies provide LMC Automotive with insights into consumer behaviour and preferences which will impact on vehicle purchase decisions and hence our forecasts.


Knibb, Gormezano and Partners (KGP) provides consultancy services to the automotive and related industries worldwide, with a specialisation in commercial and off-road vehicles. KGP contributes business intelligence to LMC Automotive and is co-producer of the Global Commercial Vehicle Engines, Aftertreatment and Transmission Forecast.


LMC International is the leading independent economic and business consultancy for the agribusiness sector around the world. From crops and agricultural commodities to agro-industrial products and downstream end-uses, we provide global business intelligence and market analysis on issues of production and demand, prices, including forecasts, trade and policy.


LMC Tyre and Rubber

LMC Tyre and Rubber is the leading independent provider of market intelligence and data forecasts for the global tyre and rubber industry.

MarkLines, the world’s leading on-line strategic automotive portal and B2B Gateway, represents LMC Automotive in Japan and is an important source of business intelligence powering our forecasts.