Power business decisions with Compass

Compass allows users to download our services and to view the data and forecasts in a new array of exciting ways and to bookmark any personal selections – each time the data is updated, personal selections are updated at the same time.

What can Compass do?

See how Compass can help save you time and resources.


Bookmark selections

Return to your selections with the click of a button

Customise data tables

Create your own data table showing just the information you need

Directly compare

Use the Comparison sheet to compare different dimensions

Download data

Download your data as PNG or Excel files

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Compass is being constantly enhanced to provide ever-increasing functionality and depth of analysis. If there is anything you would like to see then let us know.

Details about our range of services using Compass can be found here.

Production Forecast

The best available source of global forecasts and strategic information on Light Vehicle production

Sales Forecast

The most comprehensive source of strategic information and forecasts for global, regional and national Light Vehicle markets

Powertrain Forecast

An essential source of combustion engine, transmission and electrification forecasts for the global Light Vehicle market

Hybrid & Electrification

A wide-ranging insight on the global hybrid and electric vehicle sector.