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The automotive sector faces the interconnected demands of rapid technology evolution, increased competitive pressure, market risk and macro-economic and regulatory change. We empower you to act quickly and with confidence in the challenging automotive environment

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We provide the insight for those connected to the automotive sector to understand and stay ahead of technology change and its impact

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We equip customers with the knowledge they need to understand market changes; minimising risk and maximising opportunities

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We regularly advise clients about the impact of global events and regulatory change on the automotive sector

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Maximise opportunities and minimise risk

We offer the automotive industry all the information, insight and industry expertise needed to power better business decisions in a world defined by change.

Integrating LMC Automotive’s independent and unbiased forecast data, analysis, insight and expertise into your strategic business planning process enables you to make faster, better-informed, more confident business decisions – minimising risk and maximising opportunity.

What sets us apart is our exclusive focus on automotive. This enables us to deliver the leading production, sales and powertrain forecasts and the best automotive market intelligence available today.

In a time of rapid technology evolution, increased competitive pressure and market risk, macro-economic and regulatory change, we offer the right guidance, at the right time.

Our services

Our services provide the insight and tools required to help you better understand the opportunities and challenges facing the industry through eight-year forecasts and market intelligence and analysis into automotive sales, production, powertrain and electrification.

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We track and analyse vehicle generations at the assembly plant level in our Global Automotive Production Forecast

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data points

Our in-depth analysis and forecasts are based on millions of data points that help aid knowledge and insight

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engine types

Our Global Powertrain Forecast examines detailed elements of all engine and transmission combinations

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"LMC provides a wide range of files describing the production forecast evolution. These documents are always sent on time and provide us with reliable data concerning the automotive markets."

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Our forecasting methodology uses a “top down”, “bottom up” approach.

This unique methodology blends and balances industry-leading macroeconomics and market demand analysis with worldwide ground-level intelligence into manufacturing capacity and dynamics.

Our team of experts around the globe create an independent, objective and unbiased view of the future of the automotive sector across sales, production, powertrain and electrification.


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