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Turning risk into opportunity requires careful planning, execution and best competitive intelligence.

Managing today while building tomorrow

Suppliers to the automotive industry face a complex set of challenges.

The biggest challenge being trying to seek the balance of shifting demands of your current business with OEM and tiered supplier customers, while also searching for the next generation of sourcing opportunities in one of the world’s most capital-intensive industries. For you, success requires incorporating the best available intelligence and market insights into tactical and strategic plans, enabling faster and better-informed decisions to minimise risk and maximise opportunity. With LMC Automotive as your market intelligence and forecast partner, you have an advantage.

As an automotive supplier, how can your insights help me….

…. better forecast the business I already have in production?

Most OEMs provide guidance only in the near-term through forecast releases. LMC Automotive forecasts volumes in monthly increments for the current year and the next, allowing you greater visibility on volumes than your production releases.

…. target and prioritise future sales opportunities?

Covering 99% of global light vehicle production across an eight-year horizon, you can see new vehicle launches, redesigns and other sourcing opportunities well in advance of the RFQ, staying a step ahead of your competitors.

…. validate volumes for request for quote responses?

Many RFQs include overly optimistic plans for volumes and very little other detail. With LMC Automotive’s unbiased and objective view, we can help you prepare for realistic volume scenarios as well as the production location and other competitive insights.

…. understand where I should allocate development resources?

LMC Automotive’s Global Automotive Production Forecast identifies the vehicles platform, links to other models and the primary platform development location for every current and future vehicle globally.

…. evaluate the quantities we’ve shipped against actual production?

LMC Automotive has a robust set of historical data and includes historical volumes every month, as the forecast rolls forward in time.

…. understand the impact of new powertrain technologies?

Global fuel economy and emissions regulations have accelerated the pace of change in global powertrains. LMC Automotive’s Global Light Vehicle Powertrain Forecast tracks new powertrain technologies at a vehicle model level. From 48V to Start/Stop, turbocharging to 10-speed transmissions, we’ve got you covered.

…. understand the impact of natural disasters and other “shock” events?

When these events occur, LMC Automotive’s global team release impact assessments, detailing the expected effect on our forecast as well as a clear understanding of risks.

…. analyse what’s happening specifically in the fast growing emerging markets?

We offer comprehensive stand-alone reports for the rapidly growing China, India and ASEAN markets, covering sales, production and powertrain across both Light and Medium/Heavy Vehicle sectors.

…. understand the current and future global automotive market from a broader perspective? We need the outlook for the industry without getting into the minutiae.

The Global Light Vehicle Forecast service is the ideal solution for anyone who wants to understand the “bigger picture” of trends within the automotive industry. Covering both sales and production in a single service, the GLVF is a valuable resource. Updated on a quarterly basis, the GLVF provides the outlook for Light Vehicle sales by region, country, sales group, segment and brand, as well as production by region, country, sales group, segment and nameplate. Additionally, this service includes vehicle lifecycle charts, parc data, comprehensive analysis of global macroeconomics and assessments of the world’s major automotive manufacturers.

…. prepare and present regular reports to management?

We are very flexible in how we can provide you with data and analysis. If you need data prepared in a specific format or template, we can customise deliverables to your needs.

…. understand the rationale behind your forecasts?

We frequently tell our clients that “there’s a story behind every number” we publish. Our global team of analysts are always available to help you fully understand our forecast and to provide insights into our outlook.


annual updates

Our forecasts are updated continuously with over 100 monthly updates to our services. Our interactive analytics platform is updated in real-time so you always have access to the most current insights

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customised reports

Over 150 reports are customised each month. We offer tailored services to meet your exact requirements. Let us know the information you need and we will put together a bespoke package just for you

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global client visits

We like face to face communication with our customers and like to meet regularly. With personnel around the globe it is guaranteed we will be able to meet at your convenience

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Ask the experts

Our expert analyst team is always engaged in discussion with clients and automotive sector contacts, addressing important issues for them. If you are working in the automotive industry and have a question for us, please feel free to make contact.

Alternatively, you can read our blog to find out what is is capturing the team’s interest.

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