Pete Kelly


Managing Director



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Did you know…

When Pete is not at work, and often when he is, he is most likely to be thinking about cooking!

Pete Kelly is the Managing Director of LMC Automotive and oversees all automotive forecasting activities for the company as well as being directly involved in the generation of vehicle demand forecasts. He directs product development activities at LMC Automotive and leads its Mobility Group, which researches the impact of new dynamic trends in the automotive sector.

Prior to this position, he was Director of the European arm of J.D. Power and Associates’ Forecasting Group and, in the 1990s, he also worked for the original LMC Automotive, first as senior analyst in commercial vehicle forecasting before rising to Managing Director. Earlier in his career Pete worked as an editor for the world’s largest publisher of scientific journals. He graduated from the University of Sheffield with a Dual Honours Degree in Astrophysics.

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