Jonathon Poskitt


Director, Global Sales Forecast



Date joined LMC Automotive:


Did you know…

Jonathon has a black belt in kickboxing

Jonathon Poskitt is Director, Global Sales Forecasts, having analytical oversight of over 130 country market forecasts. He has 15 years’ experience researching and analysing the automotive sector, focusing on key drivers including: economic environment, policy and legislation, OEM strategies, segmentation shifts.

Jonathon’s research has covered OEM product strategy plans, analysing the market potential for new models, market studies on areas such as low-cost and luxury cars and new mobility solutions. Jonathon holds an M.Phil. in Economics from the University of Oxford and a First Class Honours degree in Economics from the University of Southampton. Prior to undertaking his Masters, Jonathon worked in the investment management industry.

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