Amber Herrick


Director, Business Development, the Americas



Date joined LMC Automotive:


Did you know…

Amber has been to 22 Major League Baseball Stadiums and has 9 left to visit as soon as the Detroit Tigers schedule coordinates.

Amber Herrick is Director, Business Development, the Americas, focusing on business growth and strategy. Her responsibilities include presenting LMC solutions to industry professionals, highlighting the benefits of partnering and integrating LMC forecasts into their planning processes. She works to coordinate strategies with partners, focusing on building relationships and highlighting the expertise of the LMC Automotive analytical team.

Amber began her market intelligence career in 2001 with NERAC, a NASA spinoff company which launched her affection for the data industry. She then spent nearly 10 years at Wards Intelligence before joining the team at LMC Automotive. She has a passion for connecting people and organizations for the benefit of greater synergy. Amber is a member of the Automotive Women’s Alliance Foundation and the Marketing & Sales Executives of Detroit.

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