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Understanding the changing automotive industry is key to your future success

Changing markets

Automotive OEMs have the challenge of adapting in real time to fluctuating current market conditions while charting the future of mobility.

In the near term, macroeconomic shifts around the world create near-constant volatility in demand, as consumers shift preferences among vehicle segments. Looking further out, electrification, autonomy, shifting market dynamics, new competitors and evolving mobility and ownership models are promising to dramatically change the automotive landscape and the industry as we know it. LMC Automotive helps you understand the key variables in play in the global car market, and manage the noise among divergent views of the future.

As an automotive OEM, how can your insights help me…

…. see the “big picture” of what’s happening in global and regional economies?

LMC Automotive is partnered with Oxford Economics, one of the world’s most-respected economic forecasting firms. We provide comprehensive macroeconomic analysis for 135 countries in our Global Light Vehicle Sales Forecasts, and provide context for how macroeconomic changes impact vehicle demand and buying patterns.

…. analyse global and regional segment dynamics?

Every vehicle sold or produced globally can be fitted into a global segmentation scheme. Additionally, each region has a segmentation structure unique to those markets. The detail in our forecasts enable deep-dive analysis of segment dynamics (and their evolution) both locally and worldwide. LMC Automotive will also customise our services to your unique segmentation scheme.

... compare my own forecasts with those of a completely independent forecaster of all OEM brands?

The Global Light Vehicles Sales Forecast, published with JATO Dynamics, provides forecasts of vehicle sales of all OEMs giving you the opportunity to view and compare your own vehicle forecasts with those of a completely independent and unbiased voice in the market.

…. understand the impact of natural disasters and other “shock” events?

When these events occur, LMC Automotive’s global team release impact assessments, detailing the expected effect on our forecast as well as a clear understanding of risks.

…. see other ways geopolitics and economics can impact the industry?

Through our partnership with Oxford Economics, LMC Automotive offers a Global Automotive Scenarios Service which assesses a range of potential global/regional shocks, and quantifies the effects of each scenario on our baseline Light Vehicle sales and production forecasts.

… analyse what’s happening specifically in the fast growing emerging markets?

We offer comprehensive stand-alone historical and forecast reports for the rapidly growing China, India and ASEAN markets, covering sales, production and powertrain trends across both Light and Medium/Heavy Vehicle sectors.

…. better understand where my competitors are developing vehicles?

LMC Automotive’s Global Automotive Production Forecast identifies the primary platform development location for every current and future vehicle globally.

…. compare the relative “showroom age” of our competitors’ vehicle line-up?

Each quarter, LMC Automotive updates a deep-dive analysis of every major OEM (Sales Group) around the world, including vehicle line-up age and new model activity summaries.

…. forecast future capacity requirements, both for ourselves and our competitors?

The LMC Automotive Global Automotive Production Forecast includes utilised and maximum capacity metrics for 794 manufacturing plants globally, allowing you to see where capacity may be strained or underutilised across regions and markets.

…. understand the current and future global automotive market from a broader perspective? We need the outlook for the industry without getting into the minutiae.

The Global Light Vehicle Forecast service is the ideal solution for anyone who wants to understand the “bigger picture” of trends within the automotive industry. Covering both sales and production in a single service, the GLVF is a valuable resource. Updated on a quarterly basis, the GLVF provides the outlook for Light Vehicle sales by region, country, sales group, segment and brand, as well as production by region, country, sales group, segment and nameplate. Additionally, this service includes vehicle lifecycle charts, parc data, comprehensive analysis of global macroeconomics and assessments of the world’s major automotive manufacturers.

…. understand the application volumes of specific powertrains and powertrain technologies, especially for hybrid and electric vehicles?

The Global Light Vehicle Powertrain Forecast looks at the current and future production and vehicle installation volumes of every engine, transmission and driveline configuration installed into Light Vehicles globally, across dozens of attributes – including electrified powertrains.

…. see the global picture for the future, specifically for hybrid and electric vehicles?

The majority of future demand for hybrid, electric and other alternative powertrain vehicles are expected to come from three key markets – the US, China and Europe. The LMC Automotive Global Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Forecast is the industry’s only model-level forecast into future sales and new model introductions for these key markets as well as a 12 others. Economic, fiscal, regulatory and technical drivers of growth are balanced against OEM investment plans and customer attitudes on new technologies for these key markets.

…. prepare and present regular reports to management?

Our offerings are flexible. If you need data prepared in a specific format or template, we can customise deliverables to your needs.

…. understand the rationale behind your forecasts?

We frequently tell our clients that “there’s a story behind every number” we publish. Our global team of analysts are always available to help you fully understand our forecast and to provide insights into our outlook.



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