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Latest Posts

UAW contract talks under way – timing is everything

Jeff Schuster, President, Americas Operation & Global Vehicle Forecasting

06 August 2019

The current round of negotiations between the UAW and the Detroit Big Three comes at an interesting time for the industry.

Is the demise of the Car bodystyle a foregone conclusion?

David Franklin, Analyst, Americas Vehicle Forecasts

30 July 2019

SUVs have risen to dominate the US market, but, as analysts, we are often asked whether the Car bodystyle will ever make a resurgence.

Global capacity still running ahead of production

May Arthapan, Director, Asia Pacific Forecasting

26 July 2019

Although global Light Vehicle production is on pace to drop by more than 2% in 2019 we will see a total of 36 new plants added.

Engaging with Autonomous Vehicle disengagement

Pete Kelly, Managing Director

23 July 2019

A disengagement is when the autonomous system stops working, or the safety driver feels it is necessary to take control of the vehicle.

Allowing for Autonomous Vehicles

Pete Kelly, Managing Director

19 July 2019

Autonomous Vehicles are being tested in locations in the US after permissions to carry out this task have been granted in a number of states

Africa: A long road to market maturity

David Oakley, EMEA Analyst

09 July 2019

For automakers looking to new markets for increasingly elusive growth in new car sales, Africa holds vast, largely untapped potential.

Asia can no longer cushion global slowdown

Ammar Master, Senior Manager, Asia Pacific Vehicle Forecasts

01 July 2019

The Asian auto market can no longer cushion the global auto slowdown, impacting OEMs across the globe.

Vietnam’s emergence as the biggest benefactor of the US-China trade war

Titikorn Lertsirirungsun & Tanitta Tumrasvin, Analysts, Asia Pacific

20 June 2019

Vietnam has been named as the biggest winner of the trade war, with Taiwan, Chile, Malaysia and Argentina hot on its heels

Doing more with less

Katelyn Drake, Analyst, Americas Vehicle Forecasts

18 June 2019

Automakers are seeking ways to reduce complexity across their vehicles, while simultaneously trying to maintain a broad portfolio

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