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Thailand’s journey to becoming ASEAN’s EV hub

Kunat Tharasrisuthi, Senior Analyst, Asia Powertrain Forecast

20 September 2022

Among ASEAN, Thailand has claimed its place early on the electric vehicle bandwagon by declaring it will be the region’s EV production hub

Who will win India’s EV battle?

Ammar Master, Senior Manager, Asia Pacific Vehicle Forecasts

13 September 2022

The EV battle is hotting up in India. For now, Tata Motors leads the race, but who do we think will be the top EV sellers by 2030?

Global Automotive Outlook Conference 2022

Pete Kelly, Managing Director

07 September 2022

Registration for our Global Automotive Outlook Conference 2022 is now open. This is an event you will not want to miss!

Are European inventories looking healthy?

Arthur Maher, Director of Research

31 August 2022

Stock movements are a critical component in understanding the likely evolution of production volumes, so are inventories in Europe healthy?

The success and failure of Indonesia’s new car tax reforms

Ake Lertsirirungsun, Manager, South East Asia

26 August 2022

In October 2021, Indonesia’s government implemented a new vehicle tax structure. How successful will it turn out to be?

How OEMs in India adapt to harsher emissions norms

Patcharaphon Wongwetsawat, Senior Analyst

22 August 2022

The implementation of Bharat Standard level 6 or BS6 in April 2020 was a big automotive game changer in India, but it hasn't stopped there

Will Germany’s likely PHEV grant removal hasten the demise of this technology in Europe?

Al Bedwell, Director, Global Powertrain

28 July 2022

PHEVs continue to have a part to play in Europe’s roadmap to zero-emission vehicle sales, but one that looks likely to shrink from next year

Can the UK auto industry survive without a vast domestic battery manufacturing base?

Sam Adham, Senior Powertrain Research Analyst

25 July 2022

Demand for battery cells will be mostly satisfied by imports from Europe. But the UK could serve other areas of the battery supply chain

US Light Vehicle sales in 2022: a mid-year analysis

Augusto Amorim, Senior Manager, Americas Vehicle Sales Forecasts

18 July 2022

GM regained market leadership from Toyota, Hyundai distanced itself from Honda, Tesla's Premiums broke records and Pickups finally beat Cars

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