Global automotive industry: keeping up to speed

LMC's new Global Automotive Navigator offers real-time updates to our Global Light Vehicle Sales Forecasts.

Pete Kelly, Managing Director, LMC Automotive

06 October 2021

The chip shortage represents the largest automotive supply chain disruption in many years and has become a market-defining event this year in a way that the pandemic itself was last year – and it looks likely to remain a key issue well into 2022.

With so much uncertainty, staying on top of the latest market developments and adapting our forecasts to the evolving situation remains hugely important, and we have been adjusting forecasts frequently.

This has been manageable because, for many years, we have maintained a ‘live’ forecast for Light Vehicle markets in the background. Before we developed Compass, LMC‘s interactive, analytical and visualisation platform, these forecasts could only be delivered to clients in prepared ‘snapshots’ at the normal planned delivery times. Thanks to Compass, however, we are now able to inform clients of the live situation and outlook.

Later this month, we will be releasing a new service to provide real-time updates to our Global Light Vehicle Sales Forecasts.

It will be called the Global Automotive Navigator.

As new actual data are reported, we will be processing and updating this information on a live basis – it will form a live feed in a new Compass app. A number of filterable dashboards will be used to highlight changes and try to give meaning to the results as they come in. We will also provide regularly updated commentary on key markets.

It is not just fast reporting and interpretation of results that matter. In the current climate, another important factor is how other flows of relevant information can affect the outlook for a market; things such as macroeconomic updates, local market conditions, forward-looking supply constraint assumptions, and so on. These will all be reflected in live country-level forecasts.

So, keep an eye out later this month for an introductory video marking the launch on Compass. 

Key market dashboard in the Navigator