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Conventional models: the biggest casualty of supply-side disruptions

James Norris, Senior Analyst, European Light Vehicle Production

03 December 2021

With the supply-side issues brought on by the pandemic, Conventional models, such as hatchbacks, sedans and wagons, have suffered

Are Chinese brands poised to strike the European BEV market?

David Leah, Senior Analyst

25 November 2021

There are signs that Chinese brands are starting to gain a significant foothold in the European BEV market. Can legacy OEMs compete?

Policy changes pave a bumpy road for Swedish sales

Ben Trevis, Research Analyst

05 November 2021

Sweden’s impressive recent automotive sales are closely related to changes in taxation. But the medium-term impact could be damaging.

The gift that keeps on giving

Sammy Chan, Senior Analyst

21 October 2021

Once again, the SUV segment has outperformed the general market when it comes to overall European Passenger Vehicle sales

European inventories crash

Arthur Maher, Head of European Forecasting

11 October 2021

Inventories across Europe are feeling the strain with destocking in Q1 of circa -200,000 units, followed by a sharp -700,000 in Q2.

The impact of the procurement crisis on European OEMs

James Norris, Senior Analyst, European Light Vehicle Production

17 September 2021

With raw material price increases, semiconductor shortages and production bottlenecks, vehicle output remains significantly reduced.

Europe’s OEMs need to keep prioritising plug-ins

Al Bedwell, Director, Global Powertrain

06 July 2021

2021 plug-in sales need to be up 60% on 2020 numbers if OEMs are to contine to meet CO2 reduction targets and avoid fines. Is this possible?

European LV production: time to stop and take stock

James Norris, Senior Analyst, European Light Vehicle Production

24 June 2021

Halfway through 2021, how does the landscape look for light vehicle production in Europe? And what can we expect going forward?

European inventories are looking healthy

Arthur Maher, Director of Research

26 April 2021

While inventory figures are not publicly available in Europe, recent events have highlighted that stock movements are a critical component.

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