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European inventories are looking healthy

Arthur Maher, Director of Research

26 April 2021

While inventory figures are not publicly available in Europe, recent events have highlighted that stock movements are a critical component.

Eyes on the prize

Justin Cox, Director, Global Production Forecast

16 April 2021

Over the last few months, more of Europe’s OEMs have made bold announcements to demonstrate their commitment to auto electrification.

Is Europe’s BEV market losing momentum?

Al Bedwell, Director, Global Powertrain

30 March 2021

We will see a steady increase of new BEV models being released this year.

Passing on the torch

Sammy Chan, Senior Analyst

03 March 2021

For the past ten years, the crown for the most popular vehicle segment in Europe has been fought between B- and C-sized vehicles.

Are inventories the European market’s black hole?

Arthur Maher, Director of Research

21 January 2021

Recent events have highlighted that stock movements are a critical component in understanding the likely evolution of build volumes.

Charging ahead: BEV adoption in Norway

David Leah, Senior Analyst

25 November 2020

For many years Norway has been hailed as the world leader in BEV adoption with over half of new vehicles sold so far in 2020 being BEVs.

EU-UK trading relations: another layer of complication

Jonathon Poskitt, Director, Global Sales Forecasts

29 October 2020

As we edge closer to January 2021, when a new EU-UK trade relationship becomes operational, agreement between the two sides appears elusive.

Mitsubishi driven out of Europe

Sammy Chan, Senior Analyst

03 September 2020

Why has Mitsubishi recently announced a freeze on the introduction of new products in Europe and why now?

COVID-19: Europe’s auto industry restarts, but the road to recovery is long

James Norris, Senior Analyst

09 June 2020

Despite several large plants remaining idle, Europe’s auto industry is slowly emerging from a lengthy shutdown period.

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