LMC Automotive Analyst Briefings

Our expert analysts share their views on the automotive industry, whether it be in relation to global car sales, recent events, what they think is going to happen next in the market or just their thoughts on some exclusive data from our forecasts – offering invaluable insights into both the industry and our thinking.

Latest Posts

Is the MEA region ripe for BEV adoption?

Peter Chippendale, Automotive Analyst

17 April 2023

While MEA has historically resisted widespread adoption of BEV brands and infrastructure, 2023 has already seen an accelerated introduction

Morocco: automotive industry goes from strength to strength

Zakia Subhan, Analyst

02 February 2023

Despite modest sales numbers, Morocco is becoming a real success story as an automotive manufacturing hub. How will the country sustain it?

Could a new nuclear deal spark an automotive boom in Iran?

Ben Trevis, Research Analyst

27 April 2022

Despite crippling sanctions, COVID-19 and a weak global oil outlook, the automotive industry in Iran saw a strong revival in 2020 and 2021

South African sales continue to fall short of potential

Ben Trevis, Analyst - EMEA

26 August 2021

Light Vehicle sales in South Africa had stagnated in recent years, so when the pandemic struck, the market was only going to go one way.

Algeria’s spectacular automotive failure

Ben Trevis, Research Analyst

25 May 2021

Since 2016, sales in Algeria have been lacklustre and 2020 saw a huge decline, with just 21,000 Light Vehicles sold in the year as whole.