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Will Mexico be left behind by SUV trends?

David Oakley, Analyst, Americas Vehicle Sales Forecasts

17 May 2021

While SUV sales in North America are powering ahead, in Mexico the Car is still king.

Commercial Van electrification in North America: ready, set, go!

Katelyn Drake, Americas Light Vehicle Production Forecasting Analyst

10 May 2021

Automakers have set lofty electrification goals for the coming years, with all-electric Vans a major focus.

US inventory: how low can it go?

Jeff Schuster, President, Global Forecasting

19 April 2021

At the end of March, US Light Vehicle inventory was at the lowest level in more than 10 years.

High-horsepower Truck wars are heating up in the US market

Matt Lucki, Senior Analyst

29 March 2021

In an ever-tightening world of CO₂ emission restrictions we are seeing addition of electrification trending across the Truck industry.

Where are Pickups more popular: Argentina or the US?

John Zekany, Americas Vehicle Forecast Analyst

18 March 2021

With a 22% share of the domestic market, Pickup sales in Argentina have overtaken US numbers. Can Ford and GM capitalise on the hype?

Semiconductor shortage challenges North America’s recovery

Bill Rinna, Director, Americas Vehicle Forecasts

23 February 2021

The semiconductor shortage that has impacted the automotive industry across the globe has been especially troublesome for North America.

Is Chile the most crowded market in the west?

David Oakley, Analyst, Americas Vehicle Sales Forecasts

18 February 2021

Despite Chile never having sold over 415k Light Vehicles in a year, in 2020 it sold 525 models across 80 brands - a wider range than the US.

General Motors’ Super Bowl commercial targets more than just Norway

David Franklin, Analyst

12 February 2021

Last Sunday’s Super Bowl drew in close to 100 million local and international viewers, making it one of the most-watched events of the year.

Fim de uma era: Could the end of local production spell the end of Ford in Brazil?

Augusto Amorim, Senior Manager Americas Vehicle Sales Forecasts

12 January 2021

On 11 January, Ford announced that it is ceasing manufacturing in Brazil.

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