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Our expert analysts share their views on the automotive industry, whether it be in relation to global car sales, recent events, what they think is going to happen next in the market or just their thoughts on some exclusive data from our forecasts – offering invaluable insights into both the industry and our thinking.

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What can we expect from the US auto market in 2023?

David Oakley, Manager, Americas Vehicle Sales Forecasts

13 January 2023

2022 was a disappointing year for the US Light Vehicle market, as it ended with the lowest sales since 2011. Is there room for optimism?

What does the rise in micromobility mean for the auto industry?

Jonathon Poskitt, Director, Global Sales Forecasts

09 January 2023

In recent years, there has been a noticeable rise in micromobility in many cities around the world. Should the auto industry be worried?

The changing North America production landscape

Bill Rinna, Director, Americas Vehicle Forecasts

04 January 2023

The North America LV production landscape is changing and we expect to see a vast increase in the region's ability to build vehicles

Asia-China: Tesla and BYD coming in hot

May Arthapan, Director, Asia-Pacific

21 December 2022

As BEV adoption rapidly accelerates across Asia-Pacific, competition is intensifying for Japanese carmakers in the region

India grows strongly, but can it last?

Ammar Master, Director, South Asia

16 December 2022

When we look at the performance of the global automotive industry this year, India has been a rare bright spot. Is it likely to continue?

COVID-19 will be the biggest factor affecting the Chinese market this year

Nan Zhang, Passenger Car Market Analyst

12 December 2022

COVID-19 prevention and containment measures have had a serious impact on production and sales activities in China this year.

BEVs take off faster than expected in ASEAN countries

Note Tumrasvin, Senior Analyst, ASEAN

01 December 2022

Following the implementation of favorable policies, ASEAN's BEV market has been accelerated by the entry of non-Japanese automakers

Will BEVs really drive demand for more copper?

Oliver Petschenyk, Automotive Powertrain Analyst

18 November 2022

There has been a general expectation that copper demand will increase massively because of its use in BEVs, but how true is this?

Is the global bus and coach market on the road to recovery?

David Leah, Senior Analyst

11 November 2022

Since 2016 the global bus and coach market has recorded five consecutive years of YoY decline in new sales. Is this set to change in 2022?

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