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Trump’s Auto Tariffs: European Unity?

Justin Cox, Director, Global Production

18 July 2018

France and Germany have responded very differently to the threat of a 25% tariff on European built car imports

Global trade war

Pete Kelly, Managing Director

17 July 2018

How will the US import tariffs affect global Light Vehicle production and other aspects of global trade?

Still defying gravity

Zita Zigan, Global Commercial Vehicle Forecasting

12 July 2018

The evolution of Chinese truck demand – Part 2: the longer term

Planning for Chaos

Bill Rinna, Americas Vehicle Forecasts

10 July 2018

The proposed tariffs are likely to cost the US thousands of jobs and potentially 2 million in US Light Vehicle sales

Decreasing drivers

Japanese Analytics Team

03 July 2018

With the Japanese population ageing, it is inevitable that the Light Vehicle demand will shrink

Build where you sell

May Arthapan, Director, Asia Pacific Forecasting

28 June 2018

Exporting Asian built cars is becoming more challenging for local OEMs. How will this affect the Asian market?

Pillar of growth

Korean Analytics Team

26 June 2018

Hyundai's Light Vehicle production appeared to be trouble-free until 2014, why did this change?

No one wins

Jeff Schuster, President, Americas Operation & Global Vehicle Forecasting

22 June 2018

What the 25% tariff on all vehicles imported into the US will do the economy and the US auto industry

Production disruption

Jonathon Poskitt, Director, Global Sales Forecast

21 June 2018

The implications of the Worldwide Harmonised Light Vehicle Test Procedure (WLTP) on the European car market

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