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Premium envy

Jonathon Poskitt, Director, Global Sales Forecasts

01 November 2021

Ongoing chip shortages are forcing OEMs to prioritise their most profitable products, at the expense of lower-margin stablemates.

North American production: No treats, just tricks

Katelyn Drake, Senior Analyst, Americas Light Vehicle Production Forecasting

29 October 2021

The spectre of the pandemic casts a shadow over the North America automotive industry with September LV production falling to 909,000 units

Solid state: the state of play

Oliver Petschenyk, Powertrain Expert Analyst

25 October 2021

Solid state cells could prove to be lighter and cheaper than lithium ion cells but no commercially viable LV option has yet been realised.

The gift that keeps on giving

Sammy Chan, Senior Analyst

21 October 2021

Once again, the SUV segment has outperformed the general market when it comes to overall European Passenger Vehicle sales

The rising influence of China in Latin America

David Oakley, Analyst, Americas Vehicle Sales Forecasts

15 October 2021

While most US-based OEMs sideline the middle-income markets in Latin America, China has found a lucrative niche

European inventories crash

Arthur Maher, Head of European Forecasting

11 October 2021

Inventories across Europe are feeling the strain with destocking in Q1 of circa -200,000 units, followed by a sharp -700,000 in Q2.

Global automotive industry: keeping up to speed

Pete Kelly, Managing Director, LMC Automotive

06 October 2021

LMC's new Global Automotive Navigator offers real-time updates to our Global Light Vehicle Sales Forecasts.

Chip shortage finally bites in India

Ammar Master, Senior Manager, Asia Pacific Vehicle Forecasts

04 October 2021

Festival season in India usually augurs a peak in car sales, but chip shortages are likely to curtail inventory significantly this year.

No quick fix: the driver shortage and the UK fuel crisis

Zita Zigan, Director, Global Vehicle Forecasting

01 October 2021

The global driver shortage is a deep structural problem that has built up over many years and now we are seeing the impact.

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