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Our expert analysts share their views on the automotive industry, whether it be in relation to global car sales, recent events, what they think is going to happen next in the market or just their thoughts on some exclusive data from our forecasts – offering invaluable insights into both the industry and our thinking.

Latest Posts

Race for autonomy

James Norris, Senior Analyst

29 May 2018

The race for autonomy between vehicle segments: who will win and why?

Tax Cuts

John Zeng, Director, China Forecasting

24 May 2018

Impact of import duty cut on Chinese vehicle market

Defying gravity

Zita Zigan, Global Commercial Vehicle Forecasting

26 April 2018

The evolution of Chinese Truck demand – Part 1: the short term

Will the marriage last

John Zeng, Director, China Forecasting

20 April 2018

The impact of China lifting foreign ownership limits on the auto sector

Decisions decisions

Pete Kelly, Managing Director

05 April 2018

Evolving political and economic changes make forecasting the automotive industry more complex than ever

Wrong Direction

Al Bedwell, Director, Global Powertrain

29 March 2018

New CO2 emissions targets have been a huge driver of technical change in the EU

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