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Our expert analysts will share their views on the automotive industry, whether it be in relation to global car sales, recent events, what they think is going to happen next in the market or just their thoughts on some exclusive data from our forecasts – it promises to offer invaluable insights into both the industry and our thinking.

Latest Posts

Will the pandemic change car usage permanently?

Pete Kelly, Managing Director

15 May 2020

It is clearly too soon to answer questions around the future of car usage definitively, but what can be said at this point?

A glimmer of hope in the US auto market

Bill Rinna, Director, Americas Vehicle Forecasts

13 May 2020

We are starting to see a glimmer of hope in the US auto industry as the unexpected freeze brought about by COVID-19 slowly begins to thaw.

There’s still hope for the fuel cell

Sam Adham, Senior Powertrain Analyst

07 May 2020

We are often asked about the prospects for hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, so it would be pertinent to lay out an unbiased assessment.

Impact of COVID-19 on global Commercial Vehicles

Zita Zigan, Director, Global Commercial Vehicle Forecasting

23 April 2020

True to its nature as the most volatile of the segments that make up the sector the global Commercial Vehicle Market is reacting erratically

Pickups China

Alan Kang, Senior Market Analyst

16 April 2020

Great Wall’s Pao model is the first ever Pickup from a Chinese brand to be classed as a Passenger Vehicle.


Al Bedwell, Director, Global Powertrain

09 April 2020

Are BEV sales targets, like so many other events planned for 2020, now sadly postponed to some future date?

COVID-19 leads to sharp decline in US sales

Augusto Amorim, Senior Manager, Americas Vehicle Sales Forecasts

07 April 2020

As the world reels from the COVID-19 pandemic, a steep drop in global Light Vehicle sales in March came as little surprise.

COVID-19 uncertainty: how long until a clearer view emerges?

Pete Kelly, Managing Director

19 March 2020

Recent stock market gyrations have likely been worsened by the fact that there seems to be no reference point on which to base an outlook.

China: a future export base for global markets?

Alan Kang, Senior Market Analyst

17 March 2020

There is no denying the limited scale of Chinese vehicle exports, at just 3% of total output in 2019.

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