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Our expert analysts will share their views on the automotive industry, whether it be in relation to recent events, what they think is going to happen next in the market or just their thoughts on some exclusive data from our forecasts – it promises to offer invaluable insights into both the industry and our thinking.

Latest Posts

Volkswagen Group goes “all-in” on battery electric vehicles

Jeff Schuster, President, Americas Operation & Global Vehicle Forecasting

25 April 2019

At their 2019 annual media conference, Volkswagen Group announced a massive investment and initiative in e-mobility.

New York Auto Show

Augusto Amorim, Senior Manager, North America Sales

23 April 2019

New York, the largest market in the US, unveils new models ranging from a Small Toyota to a Compact Cadillac and a Large Mercedes-Benz

Asia auto: what to expect when you are not expecting

May Arthapan, Director, Asia Pacific Forecasting

17 April 2019

In Asia, expectations for the car business are not that high these days, especially when you take China out of the growth equation.

In the Foothills of Europe’s CO2 Mountain

Al Bedwell, Director, Global Powertrain Forecast

09 April 2019

By 2020, carmakers need to ensure that 95% of their sales fall below the CO2 'limit value curve'

The SUV battle rages on

Augusto Amorim, Senior Manager, Americas Vehicle Sales Forecasts

03 April 2019

Ford changes the Escape to welcome more SUVs to its showrooms

Putting a lid on convertibles

Sammy Chan, Analyst

27 March 2019

In 2018 convertible sales accounted for only 1% of the market and we forecast demand for this bodystyle to continue to diminish.

Fossil-fuelled cars may yet survive

Ammar Master, Senior Manager, Asia Pacific Vehicle Forecasts

22 March 2019

With so much hype surrounding the evolution to hybrid and EVs, it is time for a reality check on the future of fossil-fuelled cars.

Will VinFast succeed?

Ake Lertsirirungsun & Note Tumrasvin

20 March 2019

The government has thrown its weight behind Vingroup’s decision to launch Vietnam’s first home‐grown auto brand under the VinFast moniker.

Global Movers and Shakers

May Arthapan, Director, Asia Pacific Forecasting

19 March 2019

In this follow-up post to our 2019 Automotive Outlook we look at similar themes, but with a more microeconomic slant.

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